Choong Moo (1st Kup) Pattern

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Choong Moo (1st Kup)

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30 Movements

Parallel Ready Stance

Direction Technique Stance
Left twin knife hand block L Stance
High front strike with the right knife hand while bring the left back hand in front of the forehead Walking Stance
Right middle guarding block with knife hand L Stance
High thrust with left flat fingertips Walking Stance
Left middle guarding block with knife hand L Stance
Turn to face the back, position for right side kick Bending Ready
Middle side kick with the right foot  
Lower the right foot, turn to face the front, left middle guarding block with knife hand L Stance
Step right foot forward, jumping off the right foot execute a flying side kick, landing middle guarding with right knife hand L Stance
Turn counter clockwise execute a left low block with the outer fore arm L Stance
Slip the front leg forward, extending the hands as to grab an opponents head Walking Stance
Execute and upward kick with the right knee pulling the hands downward  
Lower the right foot to the left foot, extend the left foot forward, executing a high front strike with the right reverse knife hand bringing the left back hand under the right elbow Walking Stance
High turning kick with the right foot, then lower to left foot  
Execute a middle back piercing kick with the left foot  
Lower the left foot while executing a right middle guarding block with fore arm L Stance
  Left middle turning kick  
Lower the left foot to the right foot, move right foot forward executing a U shaped block Fixed Stance
Jump and spin counter clockwise executing a right middle guarding block with knife hand L Stance
Left leg forward execute a low thrust with the right upset fingertips bringing the left fist in front of the right chest Walking Stance
Slip the left leg, right back fist left low block still facing the same direction L Stance
Right middle thrust with straight fingertips Walking Stance
Turn counter clockwise, left high double fore arm block Walking Stance
Right middle front block with the right forearm and then high side strike with right back fist Sitting Stance
Turn counter clockwise, right middle side piercing kick lowering the foot in front  
Left middle side piercing kick, lower the left foot in front  
Adjust the right foot execute a middle checking block with X knife hand L Stance
Upward block with twin palm Walking Stance
Zero truss, rising block with the right fore arm Walking Stance
Reverse middle punch with left fore fist Walking Stance

Left foot back to ready position

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