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Adult Tae Kwon-do

Adult Curriculum

Adult and teenager classes follow a set curriculum which teaches high quality Tae Kwon-Do. These classes teach stances, hand techniques, leg techniques, patterns sparring and so much more. Please see below our adult and teenager class curriculum.

Keep in mind this is a guide and instructors teach more than what is written on this page.

10th Kup

Walking stance:

  • High and middle punch
  • Low and rising block with the outer fore arm
  • Front rising and front snap kick

L stance:

  • Knife hand strike
  • Inner fore arm block


8th Kup

Walking stance.

High inward block,

High side block.

High side strike with back fist.

Sitting stance.   Side rising kick and side piercing kick.

Dan Gun pattern.

3 step sparring.


7th Kup

L stance.          

Side kick, turning kick, crescent kick, vertical kick, front snap kick

Do San pattern. 

Free sparring.


6th Kup

1 step sparring.

  1. Right Leg Back Guarding Stance
    1. Left Leg Side Kick
    2. Stepping the right leg forward, L-Stance right Chop
  2. Right Leg Back Guarding Stance
    1. Right Front kick double punch L-Stance
  3. Right Leg Back Guarding Stance
    1. Back leg Jumping side kick
  4. Left Leg Back Guarding Stance
    1. Left Front kick
    2. Step down, right reverse Forward elbow
  5. Stationary left high knife hand side block
    1. Right punch
    2. Left punch
    3. Right upward punch under the chin

Won Hyo pattern.

Free sparring.


5th Kup

Yul Guk pattern.

1 Step sparring.

Free sparring.


4th Kup

Joong Gun pattern.

1 Step sparring.

Free sparring.


3rd Kup

Toi Gae pattern.

1 Step sparring.

Free sparring.


2nd Kup

Hwa Rang pattern.

1 Step sparring

2 Step sparring

Free sparring.


1st Kup

Choong Moo pattern.

1 Step sparring.

2 Step sparring.

3 Step sparring.

Free sparring.

Board breaking.

Leg techniques – Two boards.

Hand Techniques – One board.


* Note all senior members can do 1, 2, 3 step sparring.

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