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Will you make it and join the elite ranks of Action Tae Kwon-Do?

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The Elite Ranks

How to Become an Action Tae Kwon-Do Instructor

Action Tae Kwon-Do has trained and mentored highly capable instructors for over 35 years. In our school becoming a black belt is an achievement that students aspire to but another, greater achievement is to obtain the rank of instructor.

Our Instructors have exceptional physical skills and uphold the standards and values of Action Tae Kwon-Do whilst instilling in students a strong martial arts education.

Teaching with Action Tae Kwon-Do, is a truly rewarding experience. It’s a highly fulfilling program which turns students into strong mentors and leaders whilst also greatly improving their own Tae Kwon-Do skills.

Becoming an Instructor gives you the opportunity to give back to your community.  You can help guide Tae Kwon-Do students on their pathway to increased physical skills, confidence and empowerment just as you have been encouraged and guided by your instructors.

Becoming an Instructor will help you push the boundaries in ways that you will not expect. Through the process of imparting knowledge and giving back you will positively improve your own life.

The skills you learn from teaching with Action Tae Kwon-Do will be carried with you for the rest of your life. Many of our Instructors achieve great things in their lives with the skills from instructing under their belt to guide them.

Obtaining the rank of Instructor is not an easy task but a rewarding one. Prospective students must enter the Assistant Instructor Program under the guidance of the Chief Instructor. You will need to undertake special training to get you ready for teaching.

Once a student has achieved the rank of Instructor, they continue to be mentored, guided and taught by both the Master Instructor and Chief Instructor.

Ever wondered what goes on at Instructor training sessions, instructor weekends away or even how they’re that good?

Become one to find out.


Want to take your training to the next level?

If you’re interested in joining the ranks of the Instructors (you should be), then start by getting to training regularly, talking to your Instructor and/or speaking to the Chief Instructor. Don’t think you’re ready? Have a chat anyway.

There are names out there like Welch, Benson, Ockerby, Mills, Maguire, Imbriano, Brown, Robinson, Vress, Davidson and more that live on as legends in our school. Perhaps one day your name will feature.

You can view photos and videos of our instructors in action below.

Want to read up on our current instructors? Click here to view their profiles.

Will you make it and join the elite ranks of the instructors?

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