Senior Instructor Steven Mills

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Senior Instructor Steven Mills

Steven Mills

Senior Instructor of Action
Tae Kwon-Do

Instructor of Latham

I was drawn to training as it seemed like a challenge. At first it seemed almost impossible to be able to achieve the rank of Black belt let alone become an Instructor.

As I trained and rose through the ranks my goals seemed to slowly but surely get closer. The more I trained the closer I got to achieving my Black Belt. After many years of training my goal was within reach. I just had to pass my blackbelt grading.

After passing my gruelling black belt grading, I wanted others to experience the euphoria I experienced on obtaining my black belt. I enjoy helping the students of Action Tae Kwon-Do achieve their goals no matter what they are.

Some people want to be fitter, be stronger, more flexible, more confident or gain knowledge in self defence and with my skill set I am able to guide and help students on their path to their goals.

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Senior Instructor Steven Mills

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