Action Tae Kwon-Do is ON for 2023

Welcome back to the Action

To all students, parents, carers and guardians, welcome to 2023!

All classes are ON and the Instructors and myself look forward to seeing you. For some of you, you will have trained in January and for some of you, you are returning now. Regardless, I welcome all back and look forward to helping you realise and achieving your goals in 2023.

Please keep in mind the times of all classes are the same. There are two changes in gym locations. One being at Conder where we are now training over the road at St Clare of Assisi Primary School.

Conder/Lanyon training details.

The other change being at Kambah. However, this is only a room change inside Namadgi school so look for the signs when you arrive.

Kambah training details.

Why not head on down to these gyms or even one you haven’t trained at before? Instructors always enjoy seeing students from other gyms. Many a successful black belt will tell you how they travelled around to the different gyms and picked up new and exciting skills from the various Instructors.

Looking Ahead

What will be your goals in 2023? Will it be gaining a new belt, improving a technique or even just continuing to train regularly each and every week?

Goals are important. They help to give us direction, purpose and motivation. Try to think up some goals for 2023, write them down, keep them in mind and aim to achieve them this year.

Unsure? Have a chat with your Instructor. We’re here to help.

For some you this year might even be your opportunity to grade black belt or better yet look to reach for that ultimate, elusive goal of becoming an Instructor and joining our elite ranks.

Information on Instructing/Instructors of Action Tae Kwon-Do.

Whatever your goals are, we look forward to seeing you at training this year.

Get to class, get there often, train hard and your skills can only improve!

The Instructors are at class, are you?

See you on the floor in 2023.

Chief Instructor Alex Benson

If you appreciate your Instructor’s tireless efforts then please leave us a 5 star google review via the link below.

Google Review.

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Chief Instructor Alex Benson


Chief Instructor Alex Benson

With over 20yrs of Taekwondo experience, Chief Instructor Alex Benson leads Australia’s leading martial arts school Action Tae Kwon-Do.

Action Tae Kwon-Do offers 55+ classes a week for children, teenagers and adults across multiple different locations around the North and South sides of Canberra, Queanbeyan and Jerrabomberra as well as many locations in Hobart.

Action Tae Kwon-Do also offers a number of lunchtime and after school programs for children to make attending easy.

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